Turbo Repairs

Turbo Repairs

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Turbo Pro Group supply authorized turbo repairs for Garrett Holset BorgWarner 3K Swchitzer IHI and Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Turbochargers, with Garrett making over 55% of all turbochargers in New Zealand. If your turbocharger needs repairing, you can trust that Turbo Pro Group will always supply you with first class service, OEM quality and the upmost professional standard. Think about it like a sore tooth; you wouldn’t trust anyone to fiddle around and fix it, you’d visit a dentist. Similarly, you need a Turbo Pro Group expert to carry out your turbo repairs.

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Most people do not realise that car, truck or any engine manufacturers do not make turbos, they simply go to one of the 5 major turbo manufacturers who in turn makes one for them. This is why when you get your turbo from one of our specialist you are sure that you are getting the genuine factory original item.