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Your network of authorised repairers can supply you with a range of turbo parts whilst having the resources, expertise and specialist knowledge to fit them professionally to your vehicle. Turbo Pro Group stock an extensive range of high quality spare parts for all turbo models. Thanks to our large network of dealers, we can supply turbo parts that others cannot. Unfortunately, there are many cheap turbo parts being circulated which are made from cheap material and have not been tested. Here at Turbo Pro Group, all of our parts are of the highest quality and have been rigorously tested to ensure reliability and longevity.

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Why choose a Turbo Pro Group specialist.

Most people do not realise that car, truck or any engine manufacturers do not make turbos, they simply go to one of the 5 major turbo manufacturers who in turn makes one for them. This is why when you get your turbo from one of our specialist you are sure that you are getting the genuine factory original item.